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Fedora Nicaragua School

The Nicaraguan community invites to a translation party. Our objective is translate the musicians guide of Fedora.


Our purpose is:

    • Translate the Fedora´s Musicians´s Guide.
    • Introduce new colaborators at translation process in Fedora.

The Fedora´s Musicians´s Guide doesn´t have several changes in every release, and it is not a very tecnical document, so it is a good way to start this kind of event at Nicaragua community.

We want to improve the community with new colaborators in diferent roles at Fedora Project (not only ambassadors, the Nicaragua´s Community have one Fedora Ambassador for any million of habitants and this is very nice), for next Fedora release wi will like be a more active comunity in the Fedora Nationalitation Procces.

Date and Place

  • Date: December 21th - 22th, 2013
  • Time: 9:00pm - 5:00pm (-6 UTC)
  • Place: Hotel Mansión Teodolinda -
    • Address: West side of Plaza Inter, 2 blocks west 2 and a half blocks south. Bolonia, Managua, Nicaragua.

Event Owners

People will attend the event

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  1. Introduce new colaborators
    1. Quickly introduction to Fedora and l10n.
    2. FAS Account
    3. Transifex Account
    4. Start translation


  1. Translate, translate and translate



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  2. Event at Facebook