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| "Managed change" || [[User:arcress|Andy Cress]] ||Change happens fast, managing it is what Fedora does for you.
| "Managed change" || [[User:arcress|Andy Cress]] ||Change happens fast, managing it is what Fedora does for you.
| "Empower!" || [[User:echerif|Omar CHERIF]] ||More features, more freedom, more friends, more force...
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[[Category:Marketing]][[Category:F14]][[Category:Release slogan]]

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This page an F14 Placeholder.
To see when this page will be completed, please refer to the F14 Marketing Schedule.

Ground rules

Please read this.
Suggestions which don't follow these guidelines are far less likely to be considered.
  • The slogan should be short, 1-3 words.
  • The slogan should be an active sentence, like a command:
    • F8: Go higher
    • F9: Make waves
    • F10: Fire it up
    • F11: Reign
    • F12: Unite
    • F13: Rock it
    • F14: TBA
  • The slogan should be positive, and reflect the idea that Fedora helps the user achieve something great.
  • The slogan should reflect one or more of the themes from the #Artwork created by the Artwork team for this release.
  • It's more important to fit the artwork theme than the four foundations shown in the #Keywords section below.

Important ideas


  • Emergence
  • Multiple things combined to create a new, more complex one


F14 Artwork Theme Concepts has the final concept for F14 art. Note that the designers are not accepting new concepts; however, the current art is being further developed, and what's on that page is not yet final as of this writing.


  • The four foundations
    • Features
    • Friends
    • Freedom
    • First

New slogan ideas

Slogan Submitter Notes
"slogan" Your Name Here explanation
"Impress" Misha Shnurapet Great apps, technologies and desktop features make me want to try it.
"Feel it" Rob Callaghan You think it, then express it, don't forget to "feel it"!
"Breaking through" Stuart Gathman Art resembles a shattered glass ceiling
"Add it up." Robyn Bergeron Fedora is a whole, made up of many parts.
"Join forces." Paul W. Frields People join together in Fedora to do something great.
"Keep Expanding" Leo Boulton Think F12 key on the keyboard; F13 is current; F14 is yet one more.
"Wrapping-up world ideas" Arsenick We bundled ideas from all over the world, let's try them!
"Breaking down barriers" Jared Smith We're breaking down the barriers that have held us back!
"Sum to infinity" Marc Stewart Greater than sum of its parts; Fedora-infinity link; Style as "inf14ity"?
"Come Play Outside" Leo Boulton Get outside of the (traditional OS) box with Fedora; Freedom.
"So Say We All" Justin O'Brien a unifying phrase that shows many ideas can flow into one
"Don't Panic" Justin O'Brien We have another awesome release coming and we don't want pandemonium erupting
"Be Different" Edna Rheiner In Honor of the book A Different Universe
"L.E.A.D. - Let everyone advances daily!" Caius Chance Sharing!
"Community Delivered, Community Supported" David Duncan Fedora grows from your participation in a global community.
"Join to Grow" Manuel Escudero Two sides: Emergence theory and also the idea of people joining Fedora to be better, to Grow.
"Solid Power!!!" David Ramsey Solid systems rely and require rock solid software.
"Weave" John Watzke Strands of thread weave into a greater form.
"Quantum shift" David Ramsey An illusion to going beyond in development and thought.
"Get Connected" Arthur Buliva Connection with friends, FOSS community and with the heart ofyour own machine.
"Unchain yourself" Arthur Buliva Infinite = without bounds; bounds = chains.
"Infinite potential" David Ramsey A consideration that the whole system is more than the sum of the individual components.
"Freedom defined" Eugene JvR Fedora = the ultimate in software freedom.
"Managed change" Andy Cress Change happens fast, managing it is what Fedora does for you.
"Empower!" Omar CHERIF More features, more freedom, more friends, more force...