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Fedora Ambassador Day EMEA 2009

Location and Date

  • Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Friday, September 25, 2009 (Arrival: Friday, 2009-09-25 & Departure: Sunday, 2009-09-27)

Accomodation and stay

3 x dopple room with shower and toilet 3 x triple room with shower on floor 1 x room for five with shower on floor

Responsible Ambassadors


  1. Gerold Kassube
  2. your name in alphabetic order please

Count: 1

Agenda (Draft)

  • Events 2010 (covering, attention, needs; budget discussions; keep it short, simple and precise!)
    • Responsibility: each Country one person
  • Non profit organisation (what will we do [next?!] )
  • SWAG (Memebership, Webshop, etc.)
  • EventBox for EMEA
  • Discussions & Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun ....


  • will follow after the event (latest)

Meeting Minutes

  • will follow after the event

Some photos of the FAD event

  • will follow after the event (latest)


  • will follow within the event