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Interested Attendees

The table should be pretty self-explanatory.

FAS Username Real Name Preferred Dates Preferred Location Approx. Airfare Cost (in USD) to Preferred Location Secondary Location Approx. Airfare Cost (in USD) to Secondary Location notes
codeblock Ricky Elrod Before the last two weeks of August (due to semester starting) RDU, but doesn't matter to me ~$320 Westford ~$312 The airfare costs I listed were for two days (e.g. leaving on Aug. 10 and returning on Aug. 12).
whiterhino Jason Taylor I am open to wherever and whenever RDU ~$360 Westford ~$177 The airfare costs listed are for the same as codeblock's two days.
jaysonr Jayson Rowe I am open to whenever RDU ~$50 Westford ~$380 No airfare needed to RDU - listing $50 for fuel.