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Git repository:


  • Design deadline: Fri Dec 30 2011 — this locks in where things belong on what pages
  • Content deadline: Tue Jan 3 2012 — this locks in text, any changes belong on an errata label, start pre-press check process
  • PDFs to press: Thu Jan 5 2012
  • Hopefully ready to ship to Blacksburg: Tue Jan 10 2012

Page content

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(Green means done)

Page 2: Welcome to Blacksburg

What's needed:

  • Welcome letter from somebody important (FPL, hosts, etc)

Page 3: TOC / sponsors / place for errata

What's needed:

  • List of sponsors and their logos in vector form with CMYK colors
    • Red Hat: Logo and colors accessible to Ian
    • Other sponsors?
  • Corrected TOC text, if necessary
  • Double check legal bit at bottom with spot
  • Blank spot for errata

Page 4/5: Area map

Page 6/7: Good things to know (FUDPub, hack suite, microblogging, games, what's a BarCamp, sponsors)

Page 8/9: Fill-in-the-blank general schedule

Page 10/11: Local vendors

Pre-press check

  • Check page numbers
  • Check headings
  • Check speeliling and grammer — we need as many volunteers as possible for this

How to get your changes merged into Ian's repo

First off, changes to SVGs in Inkscape can be haphazard. You might have to redo changes to get them merged properly if the repository ends up moving too fast :(

Ian needs to finish this section