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  • Design deadline: Fri Dec 30 2011 — this locks in where things belong on what pages
  • Content deadline: Tue Jan 3 2012 — this locks in text, any changes belong on an errata label, start pre-press check process
  • PDFs to press: Wed Jan 4 2012
  • Hopefully ready to ship to Blacksburg: Mon Jan 9 2012

Page status

1: Front cover 2: Welcome letter 3: Area map 4: Good things to know 5: What's a BarCamp? 6: General schedule 7: BarCamp write-in schedule 8: Back cover
Design done OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Content done OK OK OK OK
Content checked by Ben
Content checked by Robyn
Content checked by Jared
Copyedit done (by whom)
Prepress check done

Prepress check

  • Check page numbers
  • Check headings
  • Check speeliling and grammer — we need as many volunteers as possible for this
  • Check that all output is CMYK