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Listing phone numbers
Please do not list phone numbers here. We do not want our contacts getting calls at random hours ;)

This is the rough draft / work-in-progress for the FUDCon:Tempe_2011 booklet. It's more like an information dump as of now. All the information needs to be collected. That's when the layout, designing will begin.


  • Printed
  • A pdf version to be present online
  • A mobile version (?)

Welcome statement


Sponsorship details


Getting there

  • A map of the location and surrounding areas
  • Transport facilities to get around
    • Cab information (Important)
  • Places to stay at, a list of hotels, lodges and more
  • Details on the venue, COEP

Things to know

  • Contacts
    • General emergencies: Police, hospital, ambulance (more?)
    • Event related contacts
  • Blogging/microblogging information
  • IRC information
  • FUDPub

The Bar camp paradigm defined

General schedule

  • Include pre decided events
  • Link to web page that lists events once decided at venue


  • Breakfast
  • Vendors:
    • Dining out
    • Delivery
      • Dominos Pizza (D.P. ROAD) - 020-26056383-88/90/97
    • Quick bites

Other information (all in one page)

  • ATMs/banks
  • Other entertainment
  • Pharmacy