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Paris, France :: October 13 - 15, 2012 — General event owners: Kevin Raymond

Event Details

The 2012 EMEA FUDCon will be held in Paris, France on 13-15, October 2012.

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference, a major free software event held in various regions around the world, usually annually per region. FUDCon is a combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests in which contributors work on specific initiatives. Topics include infrastructure, feature development, community building, general management and governance, marketing, testing and QA, packaging, etc.

FUDCon is always free to attend for anyone in the world.


There is 2 location for the conference, first part is at Open World Forum (OWF), second part at Universcience.


Add location for OWF

Nearest metro : George V


Universcience is a building dedicated to science discovery, ( previously called "cite des sciences et de l'industrie" ), we will be located in the basement, in a part dedicated to computer science Openstreetmap Pictures

Beware, there is currently lots of construction work near the building, so it may not be straightforward to enter, please keep a eye on this page so we can provide up to date information.


FUDPub will be at the "Flam's" restaurant: 62 Rue des Lombards OpenStreetMap (Closest subway station: Châtelet, Les Halles)

( add location for stuff to see in paris ? )


October 13-15, 2012

FUDPub will be help on Saturday 13th (then we work!)


Contact us to join our team! More about our current tasks there.


Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Also, please indicate the following:
  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend, and visit the FUDCon ticket tracker to make a funding request. We have a limited budget and will work hard to fund as many people as possible. We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event. We are making arrangements for attendees from other geographic regions to encourage specific initiatives such as future FUDCon events, but preference may otherwise be given to people in EMEA.
  • Put a V in the Veg column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event. If you prefer vegan fare, please mark that column VV. We will do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated! Note: "Hell No" and similar statements are offensive to some and should not be included in this column.
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available. Only Unisex (Mens Sizes will be ordered)
  • Roomsharing:
    1. If you want or need to share a room, mark yes in the "Roomshare?" column.
    2. Once you have a roommate, both of you should mark your roommate's name in the block as well.
    3. If you need a roommate, look for someone with just a yes in the column, and contact them via email. If you encounter any problems, let the organizers know.
Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.
Fedora means freedom — registration is free and open to everyone.
You can pre-register anonymously, but now is a great time to create a Fedora account if you don't have one! For those new to Fedora, you can register in the Fedora Account System and follow the instructions there to complete the FPCA. This process usually takes less than 5 minutes. The information you enter below is viewable by anyone, and is considered Publicly Available Personal Information.
Budget is tight!
We typically cannot fund everyone who wants to attend. You can save quite a bit of money by carpooling or busing, and sharing hotel rooms. We will make every effort to have FUDCon be as affordable as possible.
# Name $$$ Veg Size Roomshare? Hotel booked? Comments (extra line for badge) Talks or hacking sessions that you want to hold or be involved in. Add a time duration if you have an idea.
001 Michael Scherer L Local Fedora review hacking session
002 Kévin Raymond M Local Websites, amba, L10n, docs - Ready for an ARM sprint!
- Will hold a websites hacking session (1h?). Fablab
003 Aurelie Chreng XS Local
004 Emmanuel Seyman L Local Perl SIG
005 Dennis Gilmore XL Yes Yes dgilmore, releng.
006 Gerold Kassube X XXXL Yes, Fabian
007 Fabian Affolter X XL Yes, Gerold
008 Nicolas Chauvet L No Local RPM Fusion
009 Peter Robinson L Yes ARM me up!
010 Hans de Goede L Yes Spice, USB redirection
011 Elad Alfassa X M Yes Design, Websites, L10n
012 Keiran Smith L Yes Affix, Packager
013 Pierre-Yves Chibon L Local fedora-review HyperKitty
014 Jaroslav Reznik XL
015 Jeroen van Meeuwen XL Yes, with Lydia Bossers No
016 Lydia Bossers S Yes, with Jeroen van Meeuwen No kanarip's girlfriend
017 Constantin DRABO X XL Yes No Amb,Localization
018 Aurélien Bompard L Local
019 Dan Horák L with Jiri Eischmann Yes sharkcz
020 Stanislav Ochotnicky M Yes, Bohuslav Kabrda Yes Java SIG, fedora-review, Gentoo
021 Bohuslav Kabrda M Yes, Stanislav Ochotnicky Yes Ruby SIG, Python SIG
022 Tomas Radej L Yes, Vít Ondruch Yes Java SIG, Licensing tool
023 Francesco Crippa XL No
024 Attila Ökrös X XL Yes, with my daughter Eszter No Design Team at Fedora Hungary
025 Zoltan Hoppar X XXL LOOKING FOR ROOMMATE No Translation, Swag, some Arwork ideas / Fedora Hungary
026 Peter Borsa X L Yes, with rgeri77 No Fedora Insight, Drupal / Fedora Hungary
027 Gergely Rakosi X XXXL Yes, with asrob No Swag, Gaming on Fedora / Fedora Hungary
028 Eszter Ökrös X L Yes, with kesigomu No Fedora Kids, Design Team at Fedora Hungary
029 Ondrej Balaz L No Yes
030 Miloslav Trmač M No
031 Vít Ondruch M Yes, Tomas Radej Yes Ruby SIG
032 Jaromír Hradílek M Yes, with Soňa Hartmannová No
033 Soňa Hartmannová M Yes, with Jaromír Hradílek No
034 Tom Callaway Yes XXL Yes, with Josh Boyer Yes Fedora Engineering Manager
035 Douglas Silas L Yes, with Martin Prpič No
036 Martin Prpič M Yes, with Douglas Silas No
037 Jindrich Novy L No
038 Onuralp SEZER X L Yes with Murat DEMIRKOL No Fedora Ambassadors from Turkey
039 Murat DEMIRKOL X L Yes with Onuralp SEZER No Fedora Ambassadors from Turkey
040 Xavier Lamien M No No (Local)
041 Josh Boyer L Yes, with spot Yes
042 Romain Forlot M Local
043 Afriza N. Arief VV L Random passer by
044 Robyn Bergeron S Yes, suehle No witty badge comment coming soon!
045 Jiri Eischmann L with Dan Horák Yes
046 Krzysztof Daniel XL No No Eclipse
047 User:Bckurera X L Yes No FAmSCo
048 Anton Arapov X L No No
049 Martin Holec X L Yes No I am ARMed!
050 Remi Collet X . XL Yes, with Haïkel Guémar Yes Packager (PHP Stack)
051 Jonathan MERCIER L Local
052 Haïkel Guémar X Yes L Yes, with Remi Collet yes Packaging Monkey fedora-review hackaton
053 Andreas Thienemann XXL yes
054 Christophe Fergeau M Local
055 Nestos Theophrastou X V M Not yet
056 Phil Knirsch L Not yet Fedora Secondary Arch Team
057 Adrian Reber L Not yet
# Name $$$ Veg Size Roomshare? Hotel booked? Comments (extra line for badge) Talks or hacking sessions that you want to hold or be involved in. Add a time duration if you have an idea.

Lodging / Hotel

As detailed on the mailing list, you can book your hotel now. We have locked 30 twins (2 separated beds) in the IBIS hotel really close to the second venue (Sun-Mon). But that will do also for the first one.

To book the hotel, just follow what is detailed in the email. If you are looking for a roomate, try to contact the other one listed on the above table. The price (81€) is for the room, same price for 1 or 2 beds. Please add in the above table if you need help looking for a roommate. The rooms are too small for a third bed, we can't manage that.


   31-35, quai de l'Oise
   75019 PARIS

See the Map. The venue labelled "Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie".

Travel and transportation


Meetings are on Thursday in #fedora-meeting-1 at 18:00 UTC. Past minutes are there and there (damn!).

The next agenda is:

  1. funding
  2. hotel
  3. lunch
  4. scheduling (talks, hacking sessions..)
  5. badges, signage, booklets
  6. Open Floor

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