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Hackfests and other events may move from time to time. This page is not set up as a table to allow for easier mobility. Locate your session using the table of contents, and keep headings in alphabetical order please.

General sessions

Fedora Mini, Moblin and other small devices :)

Room 3, 10:30 - 11:15

Peter Robinson will lead a discussion group about Fedora Mini and associated projects such as Moblin, GNOME Mobile, Sugar etc to discuss Fedora on Small devices such as Netbooks, MIDs, XOs. Where it is now, where its going (on your phone?) and how you can help out (like everywhere :-) ).

Learning sessions

PyGTK by dummies, for dummies

Room B, 10:30 - 11:15

Paul W. Frields will do a substandard job explaining PyGTK for people who know a bit of Python but have no idea how GUIs work. Beginners will hopefully get a lot of out of this session anyway, and anyone is willing to come join the conversation. We're here to explain, not to confuse!


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