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Updated infos whats going on at the HackFest

* 14:00 (no room yet) Spin Process validation items for spin maintainers (chitlesh)
* EKG, Devshell, Haskell find Yaakov
* Shomyu - Mapping the community find Mathieu

Room Leonidas

* Fedora Electronics Lab Talk (chitlesch)

Room Feature

* Random Hacking (@11:20)
* 12:00 Documentation - what are we doning wrong

Room Freedom

* Windows Corss Compile,
* Libguestfs and Virtualization

Room Features

* now till open end - random hacking
* 12:00 Documentation - What are we doing wrong

Room Friends (Erfurt I)

* Sugar Hacking

Room First ( Erfurt II)

* empty (@11:15)

Near the bar/terrace on top of room "Feature"

* Whole day: RPM Fusion (look out for ThorstenLeemhuis/thl/knurd); we might need to relocate to a room somewhere if we get to much people hereh