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= Fedora Weekly News: Beats =
The weekly news are separated into beats. A beat, derived from newspaper and laboratory usage, is the act of reporting news or research results; or a round or course which is frequently gone over, by a newspaper reporter.
== Beats Overview ==
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* [[FWN/Beats/Overview]]
* [[FWN/Issue297]]
== Beats Sections ==
These are the pages where the weekly news beats are written. Content here may be derived from bugzilla reports, blog posts and mailing list discussions.
[Special note: Please remove the asterisk(*) symbol to confirme beat writers' name. To make the opportunities apparent, the asterisk symbol is being use]
!Beat                            || Writer                                    || March 13, 2013
|[[FWN/Beats/Welcome]]            || [[User:rashadul|Rashadul Islam]] or [[User:adamwill|Adam Williamson]]*                              ||  incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/Announcements]]      || [[User:rashadul|Rashadul Islam]]      ||  incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/InTheNews]]      || [[User:jasonbrooks | Jason Brooks]]*        ||  incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/Ambassadors]]        || [[User:Richardvj11|Richard Vijay]]*            || incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/QualityAssurance]]  || [[User:adamwill|Adam Williamson]]*          || incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/Translation]]        || [[User:Runab| Runa Bhattacharjee]]*  || incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/Design]]            || [[NicuBuculei|Nicu Buculei]]*              || incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/SecurityAdvisories]] || [[User:Astiando]]*          || incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/LATAM]]              || [[User:Gomix | Guillermo Gómez]]*                    || incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/PlanetFedora]]        || [[User:jbraun | Joel Braun]]*          || incomplete
== Contribute ==
If you are interested in contributing to Fedora Weekly News see the [[NewsProject/Join|Join]]  page.
# Read the information sources for your beat. Usually, this will be a team's mailing list archives and meeting logs.
# Decide what are the 1-5 important things that have happened in your beat's area of focus during the past week that everyone in the Fedora community should know.
# Write up a summary of those important things in (look at the table above for a list of current beats). Looking at the pages for other beats should give you an idea of formatting, writing style, length, and how to link in references.
# Edit the table in so that the entry for the section you just wrote reads "COMPLETE" instead of "incomplete."
# Email the Fedora news list ( and let us all know you're done.
If you have any questions, ask on the fedora-news-list.

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FWN is no longer active. Please refer to