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This page presents the Fedora-Fr incomes and expenses for 2009.

Actual budget

This section presents the actual budget as reviewed at the end of the year.

Credit Debit
Members subscriptions 324.00€
Fedora Project Funding [1][2] 3,700.00€
Swag sales 1,318.40€
Spreadshirt shop sales 127.03€
Diverse incomes from events [3] 1,255.00€
Total incomes 6,724.43€
Swag purchase 2,942.10€
Media producing 1,198.39€
Booth material purchase [4] 404.25€
Subscription to the April [5] 40.00€
Solutions Linux 2009 [1] 1,516.70€
Funding transfer to tunisian ambassadors [2] 370.00€
Shipping costs 12.00€
Accounting error [6] 51.95€
Total expenses 6,535.39€

  1. 1.0 1.1 The tunisian (a french speaking country) community was forming at this time. Fedora-Fr invited them to Solutions Linux in Paris (paying for part of their travel expenses) to help them kickstart their activities and make sure they had what they needed. Funding for this was the reason why the Fedora Project gave us so much money this year.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The tunisian community was forming at this time, so they had no legal structure to receive funding. FAMSCo decided it would be much easier to transfer the funds through Fedora-Fr. This is also a reason why the Fedora Project gave us so much money this year.
  3. These concern the money we gathered during events but couldn't identify. They could be donations, swag sales that weren't accounted, etc... We'll try to make sure and better identify our incomes next year.
  4. We produced a banner and a kakemono for our booths. Those are longer-term investments that we won't renew each year.
  5. Founded in 1996, April is the main French advocacy association devoted to promote and protect Free/Libre Software. With its 5389 members (4939 individuals, 450 businesses, associations and organizations as of March 2010), April is a pioneer of Free Software in France. Since 1996, it is a major player in the democratization and the spread of free software and open standards to the general public, professionals and institutions in the French-speaking world. It also acts as a watchdog on digital freedoms, warning the public about the dangers of private interests keeping an exclusive stranglehold on information and knowledge.
  6. Our treasurer went through the accounting several times, looking at all the files provided by our bank. Still, this money is nowhere to be found. We'll be much stricter with our accounting this year so that this never happens again.

Planned budget

This section presents the budget we planned at the beginning of the year.

Credit Debit
Fedora Project Funding 3,700.00€
Other incomes 2,000.00€
Total incomes 5,700.00€
Insurance [1] 100.00€
Media producing 900.00€
Booth material purchase 150.00€
Swag purchase 1,000.00€
Solutions Linux 2009 1,400.00€
Ambassadors funding [2] 2,450.00€
Room renting [3] 90€
Total expenses 6,090.00€
  1. All NPOs in France must have an insurance. We didn't spend money on this in 2009 because we had a hard time finding one. This is solved for 2010.
  2. This was supposed to account for train tickets for french ambassadors going to events in a remote city. Looks like we planned way too much as no one asked for it. We took that into account when planning the 2010 budget.
  3. We thought we would have to pay for the room where we would hold the NPO yearly general meeting. We finally managed to have one for free.