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== Synopsis ==
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* An interactive program that gives the user a "fedora-tour"
* A "Welcome to fedora/linux"
* Targeted audience:
* This is only an idea tree, not necessarily the way it will be implemented
** New users
*** "New to fedora?"
*** info on:
**** comparison to windows interface (will have to be different for GTK and Qt)
**** apps
**** basic faq (eg "how to update?" could come under tools too)
**** tools (eg packagekit)
**** fedora community (?)
**** common bugs and fixes
**** getting help (IRC, forums, lists)
**** "join fedora"/ "come be a part" :
**** <add more>
** General users
*** "what's new in F$release?"
**** stuff from the "new users" will fit in here too
**** how to report a bug?
** Developers ( so basically all fedora users) '''is this needed??'''
*** "Tools galore!"
**** developer tools overview
<add more>

== Todo ==
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* Wiki Page {{check}}
* Mail fedora-marketing
* Mail Fedora-design {{check}}
* Blog Posts {{check}}
* Decide a project structure so we know what to include in the mockup
* Set date/time for first mockup sprint {{check}}
** RyanRix needs to follow up tomorrow with parents about possible time, will ping franciscod {{check}}
* Project name to be decided "fedora-tour" as place holder for time being
* Ping firstboot maintainer about changes for project
* Talk to desktop team about what interface they'd prefer (GTK / QT / Browser)
* (later) fedorahosted space once we begin to code {{check}} {{check}}
* Move this page to trac and set up a formal wiki page

== Project Outline ==
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=== Firstboot Final Page ===
Add check box to final form of firstboot so that user can choose whether or not to launch this.</ br>
Will need to ping firstboot maintainer regarding this, make sure that they are aware of possible changes.

User: clumens, Name: Christopher Edward Lumens, email:, Creation: 2007-04-05, IRC Nick: , Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, Extension: 5101455, GPG key ID: 530bbbb9, Status: active

Checkbox text?
<!-- All fields on this form are required to be accepted by FESCo.
* "I'm new to Fedora"
We also request that you maintain the same order of sections so that all of the feature pages are uniform.  -->
* "Tell me more about the Fedora Project"
* "Tell me more about Fedora Linux"
* "Tell me more about the Fedora Linux and the Fedora Project"
* "Take a quick tour of Fedora $release $codename"
* <insert more as they come to mind>

=== Main Interface ===
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*mchua and franciscod threw around a few ideas to play with, each should be considered.
*both a GTK and a QT interface? (refer talk page)

==== Web Interface ====
= Feature Name <!-- The name of your feature --> =

== Summary ==
**Easy maintenance
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**Dependance on web browser
**interface limitations

==== PyGTK ====
== Owner ==
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* Name: [[User:FASAcountName| Your Name]]

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**Faster than loading browser
* Email: <your email address so we can contact you, invite you to meetings, etc.>
**More powerful
**Matches appearane of default Desktop Spin
**Learning curve

==== PyQt ====
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/{{FedoraVersion||next}} | {{FedoraVersion|long|next}} ]]
* Last updated: (DATE)
* Percentage of completion: XX%

**Faster than loading browser
**More powerful
**Learning curve
**May seem out of place in Desktop spin (may look better, but out of place)

== Documentation ==
== Detailed Description ==
List blog posts, meeting minutes/logs, chats, etc.
<!-- Expand on the summary, if appropriate.  A couple sentences suffices to explain the goal, but the more details you can provide the better. -->

=== 3 Dec - Quick backend QA with Mel ===
== Benefit to Fedora ==
<!-- What is the benefit to the platform?  If this is a major capability update, what has changed?  If this is a new feature, what capabilities does it bring? Why will Fedora become a better distribution or project because of this feature?-->

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== Scope ==
[14:39] <zodbot> Minutes:
<!-- What work do the developers have to accomplish to complete the feature in time for release?  Is it a large change affecting many parts of the distribution or is it a very isolated change? What are those changes?-->
[14:39] <zodbot> Minutes (text):
[14:39] <zodbot> Log:  

=== 2 Dec - Meeting to discuss backend and content ===
== How To Test ==
<!-- This does not need to be a full-fledged document.  Describe the dimensions of tests that this feature is expected to pass when it is done.  If it needs to be tested with different hardware or software configurations, indicate them.  The more specific you can be, the better the community testing can be.

11:34 < zodbot_> Meeting ended Wed Dec  2 06:00:46 2009 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at .
Remember that you are writing this how to for interested testers to use to check out your feature - documenting what you do for testing is OK, but it's much better to document what *I* can do to test your feature.

11:34 < zodbot_> Minutes:
A good "how to test" should answer these four questions:

11:34 < zodbot_> Minutes (text):
0. What special hardware / data / etc. is needed (if any)?
1. How do I prepare my system to test this feature? What packages
need to be installed, config files edited, etc.?
2. What specific actions do I perform to check that the feature is
working like it's supposed to?
3. What are the expected results of those actions?

11:34 < zodbot_> Log:  
== User Experience ==
<!-- If this feature is noticeable by its target audience, how will their experiences change as a result?  Describe what they will see or notice. -->

since zodbot ran off on us for a few minutes, the complete logs can also be found [ here]
== Dependencies ==
<!-- What other packages (RPMs) depend on this package?  Are there changes outside the developers' control on which completion of this feature depends?  In other words, completion of another feature owned by someone else and might cause you to not be able to finish on time or that you would need to coordinate?  Other upstream projects like the kernel (if this is not a kernel feature)? -->

=== 28 Nov - Meeting to discuss UI ===
== Contingency Plan ==
<!-- If you cannot complete your feature by the final development freeze, what is the backup plan?  This might be as simple as "None necessary, revert to previous release behaviour."  Or it might not.  If you feature is not completed in time we want to assure others that other parts of Fedora will not be in jeopardy.  -->

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== Documentation ==
<!-- Is there upstream documentation on this feature, or notes you have written yourself?  Link to that material here so other interested developers can get involved. -->
10:32 < zodbot> Minutes:
10:32 < zodbot> Minutes (text):
10:32 < zodbot> Log:  
=== 26 Nov - Ankur Blog Post "A new Fedora Project" ===
=== 26 Nov - First Meeting ===
Brought up issue with mchua after discussing in #fedora-social. #startmeeting was a little after this, but we went over what the project could be, and how to go about starting and implementing it.
[23:28] <zodbot> +Meeting ended Thu Nov 26 06:28:02 2009 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at .

[23:28] <zodbot> +Minutes:
== Release Notes ==
<!-- The Fedora Release Notes inform end-users about what is new in the release.  Examples of past release notes are here: -->
<!-- The release notes also help users know how to deal with platform changes such as ABIs/APIs, configuration or data file formats, or upgrade concerns.  If there are any such changes involved in this feature, indicate them here.  You can also link to upstream documentation if it satisfies this need.  This information forms the basis of the release notes edited by the documentation team and shipped with the release. -->

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== Comments and Discussion ==
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Feature Name



  • Email: <your email address so we can contact you, invite you to meetings, etc.>

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 38
  • Last updated: (DATE)
  • Percentage of completion: XX%

Detailed Description

Benefit to Fedora


How To Test

User Experience


Contingency Plan


Release Notes

Comments and Discussion