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This page contains the highest-level talking points for the Fedora 12 release. When adding to this page, consider points that have a wide appeal, and consider whether or not there is a "bigger picture" that needs to be described. In some cases, a feature is part of a multi-release arc of work, and that context can be useful to provide.

For desktop users and everyone

List 2-4 bullet items here for innovations in Fedora 12 that will be of general interest to most people using F12. The best talking points are differentiators between F12 and other distributions -- newer software, specific improvements, or cases where Fedora contributors either are, or work directly with, the upstream project(s).

PackageKit command-line and browser plugins

PackageKit is a technology that was first introduced in Fedora 9 to provide a set of distribution-neutral software management tools. It has since been included in a number of other distributions and is growing quickly in popularity due to its flexibility and quick feature integration. In Fedora 12, PackageKit has grown the ability to automatically install the software packages that provide new commands when the user is operating a text terminal. It also now supports a browser plugin that allows software vendors of any size to provide automatic installation of software packages using simple HTML <object> tags.

Mobile broadband enhancements

Ogg Thusnelda (next-gen video codec)

For administrators

This area is for 1-3 bullets that concern innovations that help make system administrators' lives better.

For developers

This area is for 1-3 bullets that discuss innovations that make Fedora a great platform for software developers.