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These are the Talking Points for the Fedora 20 release. For information on how these talking points were chosen, see Talking Points SOP. They are intended to help Ambassadors quickly present an overview of highlighted features when talking about the release, and to help drive content for the release, etc.

The talking points are based in part on the Change Set for this release.

Themes for the Release

What's the overall "theme" or set of themes for the Fedora 20 release? The Fedora 20 release happens to coincide (roughly) with 10 years of Fedora. After a decade of development, the Fedora 20 release represents the evolution of the project so far and the features that are emphasized in this release say something about the priorities of this community after all that time.

So what are the themes for this Fedora release? If you look over the ChangeSet for F20, it may be a bit opaque to the outside observer what the release actually "means."

The desktop spins really offer no clue, because Fedora largely follows upstream in accepting and packaging GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, and other desktops. What comes into Fedora via those desktops really says more about the upstreams than it does about Fedora, _per se_.