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This page is intended to gather feedback from the Fedora community on things that worked well and things that could have been better during the Fedora 21 release cycle. The feedback will be used as a basis for identifying areas for improvement for Fedora 22 and could weigh into the Fedora 22 Schedule. Any thoughts, big or small, are valuable. If someone already provided feedback similar to what you'd like to add, don't worry ... add your thoughts regardless.

Providing feedback

  • Kevin Fenzi - I liked that we made a retrospective wiki page.

Adding feedback is fairly straight forward. If you already have a Fedora account ...

  1. Login to the wiki
  2. Select [Edit] for the appropriate section below.
  3. Add your feedback using the format:
    * ~~~ - I like ____ about the new ____ process
  4. When done, Submit your changes


Things that went well

  • Sudhir Khanger - Every single release whether alpha, beta, RC, etc.they all worked flawlessly and were very stable. Kudos to developers, maintainers and the hard work done by the QA team.
  • User:Znmeb - I was impressed by how quickly the bugs I found in building my remix were fixed.

Could have been better

User:Znmeb - The documentation for Fedora Cloud, especially Project Atomic was "typical of a young project". I think it could be better.


  • Sudhir Khanger - I get the reasons why OpenJDK 7 had to be dropped from Fedora 21 but dropping something because it goes EOL before the EOL of the release is not the best way to accomplish the goals.

Suggested solutions