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=== Cast ===
=== Cast ===
** ACTUAL CAST HERE ONLY, extras such as 'we are fedora' please add to special thanks, on the other hand if you did filming or something, Camerapeople. **
** Prominent to least prominent. **
Linus Torvalds HIMSELF (hoping)
Linus Torvalds HIMSELF (hoping)

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[1]: To show the history of Fedora we must first display the history of Red Hat.

VO: In 1993, Bob Young an entrepreneur founded the ACC Corporation, a business selling UNIX and Linux distributions and accessories. It was a generally successful buy by 1994 He began to dislike the idea of reselling others software, and thus wanted a unique Distribution for his company to sell. During this time, Marc Ewing created his own Linux Distribution, which he named Red Hat Linux, after his university life.

{ Cut to Marc Ewing possibly? } Well, basically during my time served in university, I walked around wearing my Grandfathers Red Lacrosse Hat. Because of my computer expertise, people would ask for 'the man in the red hat'.

VO: Ewing had the software, Young had the company, and in 1995 they merged to become Red Hat Software.

Red Hat Linux had 20 Successful Releases, Spanning almost Ten Years. before Red Hat dropped it in favour of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and sponsoring a community project named Fedora.

Intermission One?

Asmartgoat 08:10, 15 August 2011 (UTC) _________ [1] FPL? Maybe? Someone interesting and important.

The birth


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The Fedora Community <get pushed up by cast, start scrolling>


    • Prominent to least prominent. **

Linus Torvalds HIMSELF (hoping) Xxxx Xxxx XXXXX

To the memory of

Microsoft Corporation


Luke Martinez | ((add your name))

Camera Operators

Names Here | Names Here | Names Here

Film editors

Name Here | Name Here

Design Ninjas

Mo Duffy

Special Effects and Animators

Name Here | Name Here

Computer Software Used

Blender | Fedora | xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx | xxxxxx | xxxxxx

Special Thanks

Red Hat - For their contributions to the Free software community.

All the Users, Contributors and Companies supporting Linux and Free Software