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This page contains information about the social Fedora irc channel on

fedora-social FAQ

This channel is not moderated for language. If you are easily offended by strong language, beware.


The fedora-social channel is a place for Fedora community members to relax and talk about most any topics they wish (see below for exceptions). Note that sometimes discussion in the channel will contain strong language and ribald jokes. Favorite topics include bacon (see below), youtube videos people enjoy, or other topical links or quizzes.

Support questions

fedora-social is a social channel, not a support one. Please don't ask support related questions here, instead use the approprate support channel for your question.


For some reason, bacon and bacon related discussions are very popular in this channel.

Freenode guidelines apply

The standard Freenode guidelines apply in this channel. Please avoid off topic items.

You may be removed from the channel if you don't follow this policy.

Complaints about other channels

The fedora-social channel is not a place to complain about behavior or issues from other channels. Take those complaints up in the appropriate forum.