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News stories about Fedora 21 - Release Announcement [1]

Date Article Location Author Language Notes
2014-03-13 Red Hat's Fedora 21 brimming with security, crypto upgrades InfoWorld Serdar Yegulalp English
2014-04-24 Fedora 21 To Get A Playground, New Features Phoronix Michael Larabel English
2014-05-20 Fedora 21 Linux to Get New Leadership and Direction eWEEK Sean Michael Kerner English
2014-06-25 What's Next For Fedora? LINUX.COM Libby Clark English
2014-08-06 The State Of Wayland For Fedora 21 Phoronix Michael Larabel English
2014-08-27 Fedora 21 Will Try To Release Before Thanksgiving Phoronix Michael Larabel English
2014-09-24 Red Hat's Fedora project releases Fedora 21 Alpha theINQUIRER Ergan Orion English
2014-09-24 Fedora 21 Alpha is finally here -- Linux fans, download it now! betanews Brian Fagioli English
2014-09-24 Fedora 21 Alpha First Impressions: It's Great Phoronix Michael Larabel English
2014-09-24 Erste Alpha von Fedora 21: Base, Cloud, Workstation und Server Linux Magazin Markus Fellner German
2014-09-25 XWayland Linux Gaming Performance With GNOME Wayland On Fedora 21 Phoronix Michael Larabel English
2014-10-09 The Limitations Of Wayland On Fedora 21 Phoronix Michael Larabel English
2014-10-12 Fedora 21 Alpha Workstation Impressions Linux Advocates Dietrich T. Schmitz English
2014-11-04 Fedora 21 rolls three versions of Linux into one OS InfoWorld Tech Watch Serdar Yegulalp English
2014-11-04 One OS, three flavors: How Fedora 21 is splitting up to double down on focus PCWorld Chris Hoffman English
2014-11-04 Linux fans, Fedora 21 Beta 1 is here! Now featuring three flavors betanews Brian Fagioli English
2014-11-04 Fedora 21 Beta released in Workstation, Server, and Cloud flavors liliputing Brad Linder English
2014-11-04 Fedora 21 beta finally arrives ZDNet Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols English
2014-11-05 Red Hat releases Fedora 21 Beta for cloud, server and workstation environments the INQUIRER Egan Orion English
2014-11-06 Old hat: Fedora 21 beta late than never... and could be best ever The Register Gavin Clarke English
2014-12-09 Fedora 21 Arrives in Three Different Versions MaximumPC Paul Lilly English

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