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Welcome to Flock

Can you believe this is our third Flock conference? We're glad you've joined us, whether as a returning Flock veteran or as a new attendee. This year's schedule is packed full of excellent presentations, workshops, and events.

Flock is intended to be a fun and productive event where Fedora contributors can come together, discuss new ideas, bring them to reality, and continue to promote the core values of the Fedora community: Freedom, Friends, Features, and First.

Fedora and the people who participate in the project (that's you!) encompass so much more than just an interest in Linux. Flock is where you'll meet other members of the community who share whatever your interest is, whether it’s the kernel or the cloud, hardware or UX design.

We are proud to have two fantastic keynote speakers this year: Major Hayden from Rackspace, talking about overcoming imposter syndrome and Jon Schull from e-Nable, showing how open source prosthetics are improving lives all over the world.

Next year, Flock will return to the USA! Bids are now open for 2017, for more information see:

Take Flock Online


Please blog about Flock, and if you haven't already, add your blog to Learn how at If you are new to Fedora, feel free to ask someone in IRC, and we'll be happy to help.

If you were subsidized to come to Flock, we ask that you add yourself to Fedora Planet and write at least one blog post about the event. We'll be asking for your links later.


Microblogging is a great way to promote Flock as well as Fedora. You'll also see updates that way and find out where interesting things are happening. Use the hashtag #flocktofedora and follow @fedora on, Twitter, Facebook (, and Google+ (


Our main IRC channel for the event is #fedora-flock. If you are taking notes for a session, please report the session name and channel to that channel. If you are using Gobby or Etherpad, note that in the main channel as well. Each conference room's channel is #fedora-flock-<roomnumber>, for example,

  1. fedora-flock-room1 for room 1.

There is also a Telegram group for Flock. You can add it at

Evening Events

Tuesday August 2 - Tour of Krakow or Game Nighjt

Krakow, a historically significant city in Poland is on display tonight. Join us for a tour of the old city center and learn about our host city. The tour will end with either a bus back to the hotel or advice on nightlife options. Additionally, board games will be available for general socializing and fun in the hotel.

Wednesday August 2 - Cruise Krakow

Join us for a 3 hour cruise on the beautiful Vistula River. A fantastic buffet dinner and drinks will be available for all to enjoy.

Thursday August 3 - Brewery Lubicz

A feast and beer tasting awaits us at Browar Lubicz, a recently restored brewery. The brewery dates from 1840 and has been brewing beer almost continuously, even during nationalization in the 1950s. Restored in September 2015, the brewery is a high point of a trip to Krakow. There will be non-beer options available.

Code of Conduct

Flock is a conference that brings together members of the Fedora community, new and old, professional and volunteer, from all over the world. Diversity is one of our huge strengths, but it can also lead to communication issues and unhappiness. Attendees are required to be considerate and respectful of each other. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Refraining from rude behavior
  • Refraining from any sort of harassment or discrimination (based on ethnic background, religion, gender,

sexuality, body shape, disability, geographic location, sports team, preferred operating system, or anything else for that matter)

  • Obeying local laws

Attendees who are in violation of this policy may be subject to removal and banning from Flock (and future Fedora events). Whether an attendee is in violation is at the sole discretion of the conference staff. Anyone with a possible concern relating to the code of conduct is encouraged to either email the Flock conference staff ( or talk directly to a Flock conference staff member. Flock staff members have a special "STAFF" identifier on their event badges.

Need Help?


In an emergency, CALL 112. If you can, also have someone contact an event organizer.

getting help from Flock staff

If you need help quickly, you can find Ruth Suehle (suehle), Tom Callaway (spot), or Josh Boyer (jwb) on in #flock-help. You can also text or call Ruth at (567) 429-1701 or Tom at (617) 410 6545

hotel contact information

ul. Opolska 14a
31-323 Kraków, Poland
tel. +48 12 376 37 00
tel. +48 801 08 02 60
50.090900, 19.914500
N 50°05'27.2" E 19°54'52.2"


Keynote 1 - date and time

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Keynote 2 - date and time

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