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==== Zanata ====
==== Zanata ====
===== Improvments =====
===== Improvments =====
* [[User:noriko]] started to work glossary inclusion in Zanata [[L10N Glossary]]
* [[user:aeng|Alex Eng]] (aeng) and [[user:noriko| Noriko Mizumoto]] (noriko) started to work glossary inclusion in Zanata [[L10N Glossary]]
* [[User:noriko]] helped addition of "RHTM" in Zanata (source needed)
* [[user:noriko|Noriko Mizumoto]] (noriko) helped addition of "RHTM" in Zanata (source needed)
===== New version deployed and features =====
===== New version deployed and features =====
* ''None''
* ''None''

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We already have F24 talking points but looks overall for product. Lets list out things we accomplished during Fedora 24 life cycle. Mostly we can either post blog about it on CommunityBlog or simply push it on FedoraMagazine if its match with users side.


UI Accomplishment

The data was extracted manually on 2016-06-11 against 54 projects categorized as 'main' group.

Highest Accomplishment Language Team

Ukrainian (uk) 99.55%

Language teams 90%+

Spanish (es), Polish (pl)

Language teams 85%+

French (fr), German (de), Russian (ru), Chinese China (zh-cn), Portuguese Brazil (pt-br), Swedish (sv)

Language teams 80%+

Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Dutch (nl), Chinese Taiwan (zh-tw), Catalan (ca)

Language teams 70%+

Assamese (as), Korean (ko), Kannada (kn), Tamil (ta), Bengali (bn-in), Gujarati (gu)

Language teams 60%+

Marathi (mr), Telugu (te), Oriya (or), Hungarian (hu), Czech (cs), Hindi (hi), Serbian (sr), Punjabi (pa), Malayalam (ml), Bulgarian (bg)

Fedora 24 Localization Test Day

F24 L10N Test Day was prepared and led by Ani Peter (apeter) and Satyabrata Maitra (Satya).

  • 42 applications were tested
  • 15 testers particiated
  • 11 variety of languages were tested
  • 46 bugs were filed

Process Improvements

Work in progress

Translation tools


  • User:jibecfed created basic script to get raw statistics :
    • based on AppData files [1]
    • based on Zanata [2]


New version deployed and features
  • None


Change Proposals

Other Improvements


  • Google Noto fonts
    • google-noto-fonts package now split into google-noto-fonts, google-noto-cjk-fonts and google-noto-emoji-fonts
    • New fonts to further cover Unicode are google-noto-nastaliq-urdu-fonts, google-noto-sans-tibetan-fonts
  • nodejs-ansi-font
    • ANSI font styling utils
  • horai-ume-fonts
    • Free Japanese fonts family Ume Gothic, Ume Mincho, Ume P Gothic, Ume P Mincho and Ume UI Gothic.


  • pap_AN

Supported Language locales