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  • Name: Harshal Bhatia
  • Location: Bangalore, India (+5:30 GMT)
  • Running Fedora 23
  • Studying Computer Science Engineering at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology
  • Python, CSS, HTML, JS
  • Learning Node.js and Ruby

Contact Information

Questions to answer

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

I started using Linux around 7 years ago with Ubuntu. Right now I'm using Fedora 23 which was recommened to me by multiple friends. Another reason I made the switch to Fedora is the much more receptive community. Which is why, I want to work with the Hubs team this summer. I intend to work on the new user onboarding process.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora Project or another open-source project as a contributor?

No, I do not have any past involvement with the Fedora Project or another open-source project as contributor.

Have you participated in GSoC in the past? If so, what year(s) and which organization(s)?

No, I'm participating for the first time.

Do you plan to continue contributing to the Fedora Project after GSoC? If yes, what sub-project(s) are you interested with?

Absolutely! Although i've been into technology for a long time, since i was 12 actually. In the recent years i've put in a more focused effort. I started learning Python about 3 years ago and it is the language I'm most comfortable in. The hubs project is the perfect techincal level for me to start contributing to. As my skills evolve i intend to move into much more technically challenging projects within the community.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I believe there are many reasons for selecting me over other students. My early start with programming is one. I also intend to continue to grow my open source contributions rapidly over the next months.

Have you contributed to any other open source organizations or projects? If so, do you have artifacts you can show so we can see your skill set(s)?

No,I have not contributed to any other open source organizations yet.

Do you have any other open source experience (even if not coding-related)?

No, i don't have any other open source experience.

Proposal Description

Overview and The Need

The intention, as i've understood it, behind the hubs project is to make a centralized location for Fedora contributors to communicate. The other goal, and this is where i want to focus is to help new contributors discover the project they might be right for and decrease the friction for them to start contributing.

Any relevant experience you have

I'm very comfortable in the basic requirements of HTML/CSS/JS. As mentioned already, Python is the language i'm most comfortable in. I also know most of the Bonus skills. I've been working with Bootstrap for a long time. I'm confident that I can pick up any other minor skills in the two months that remain between now and the commencement of work.

Another very relevant experience i have is not programming related at all. I recently joined the Fedora community and discovered i had to do things like setting up ssh keys, irc clients, mailing lists, and more. It wasn't very difficult but it sure was time consuming. In the videos, Miriam and others discuss about this imaginary new user who might have the skills but not necessarily the time or confidence to get started. I'm exactly the kind of person they are talking about. In some cases these new comers might not know which group they are right for. This is one of the issues that Hubs intends to solve and I think that apart from the programming experience, this experience which is fresh in my mind will make me the right choice for such a project.

How do you intend to implement your proposal

A rough timeline for your progress

Final deliverable

Any other details you feel we should consider