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This talk was at 2:30pm US-Eastern time in room 395, given (ostensibly) by Paul W. Frields.

Before you trust anything in this page or from the speaker, check out the excellent Git Community Book at Attendees included about 4 people who were git novices (including the speaker), and a number of experienced git practitioners. Subjects covered, with varying levels of success, included:

  • How a DSCM system differs from e.g. CVS and Subversion.
  • git is a history, not a collection of file states.
  • Everything is assigned a SHA-1 hash.
  • An incredibly simple set of activities to start:
    • Configuring global user settings with git config --global
    • Cloning a repo with git clone <URI>
    • Looking at the log, git log
    • Checking status with git status
    • Adding and committing changes with git add and git commit
    • Pushing changes to the remote repository with git push

The speaker thanks all the attendees, such as David Malcolm, Val Aurora, Clint Savage, and David Cantrell, for teaching him more about how git works. The secret plan worked!