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Identifying your problem area

Disable all Thunderbird extension you have installed.

Start Thunderbird, go to "Tools", select "Add-ons" and disable all extensions listed there.

Quit Thunderbird and start it again. Recreate whatever you did that caused the problem your experiencing and see if it persists.

If the problem persisted go to "Debugging Thunderbird". If the problem did not persist enable each extension, try to recreate the problem then disable the extension again until you come across which extension is causing the problem then go to "Debugging Thunderbird Extensions".

Information to include in your report

All bug reports

Sample entry

In all cases, the following should be mentioned and attached to your bug report:

  • The exact command-line used.
  • A copy of the components log file /path/to/<components_log_file>

<Component> related problems

Sample entry

As well as the information from the 'All bug reports' section, include the following information:

Debugging <component>

As root install <components> debug package.

# debuginfo-install <component>

How to GDB component

Sample Note
Sample Tip
Sample Warning