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This page covers the details on how to obtain and use your personal space on , which is a site where Fedora contributors can upload files for sharing out with the world. It is perfect for uploading specfiles, srpms, patches, personal repository etc, etc.

Accessing Your Space

  1. You need an active Fedora account
  2. You must be sponsored in a group (other than the CLA groups)
  3. To connect, use the ssh key you uploaded into your Fedora account:

Common Answers

  • Each Fedora contributor has 150 MiB of quota-controlled space.
  • To make a publicly viewable space, create a public_html directory.
  • Upload files using scp, sftp, or rsync.
Using Nautilus
If you use GNOME, visit this page for an easy way to connect to your space.
Using Dolphin or Konqueror
If you use KDE, type s in your file manager address bar for an easy way to connect to your space.

To copy files from the command line, you can use scp

scp /path/to/file

  • Once uploaded into the users public_html directory the files are available via http at:
  • Give other users access to read/write/etc files by using extended acls. Read man pages for setfacl and getfacl for adding them to your dirs/files. This gives the user jkeating read and write access to file:
setfacl -m u:jkeating:rw file

BETA git hosting support

fedorapeople now has support for hosting git repositories including accessing them via the git protocol for anonymous downloads as well as providing gitweb. This should be considered beta.

  • Create a public_git directory in your home directory
  • Put your git repository under this directory. The repository directory name must end with .git or gitweb will not acknowledge it. Common methods for initially doing this would be rsync or scp of a repository you already have.
  • Touch the git-daemon-export-ok file in the repository. This makes it so that others have access to the repository
    • if this is a non-bare repo, git-daemon-export-ok should live here: ~/public_git/your_repo.git/git-daemon-export-ok
  • You can also set a description for the project by editing the description file in the repository
  • Users can clone your repository via something like git clone git://
  • You can push to this repository via ssh now. Also, you can give other users access via acls as described above, but for more use of this, it is preferred to use the Fedora Hosted site
  • You can see your project listed in gitweb once the project list updates (hourly). Note that this URL may change