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Welcome to the Fedora Localization Project
This service is provided by <a href=""
target="_blank">Zanata</a>, a web-based translation platform for
translators, content creators and developers to manage localization

### Getting started
-  <a href=""
 target="_blank">How to sign up<a/>
-  <a href=""
target="_blank">How to login</a>

Please refer to <a
target="_blank">here</a> for general information.

### Translators
- <a href=""
 target="_blank">Joining a language team</a>
- <a href=""
 target="_blank">Translating in a project</a>

##### You can start translating in the projects under the following groups:
- <a href=""
target="_blank">Priority packages</a>
- <a href=""
target="_blank">Main packages</a>
- <a href=""
target="_blank">Other projects</a>

Please refer to the <a
target="_blank"> translator guide</a> in  <a href=""
target="_blank">Zanata</a> for more information.

### Package/Project maintainers

Please refer to the <a
target="_blank"> Project/Package maintainer guide</a> for more

### Learn More
You can find out more about the open source Zanata project (<a
href="" target="_blank">mailing
lists</a>, <a href=""
target="_blank">issues</a>, <a href=""
target="_blank">source code</a>) at <a href=""
target="_blank"></a>. If you have any suggestions, please
contact <a href=""