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WTFPL license should link upstream -- there's no need for us to carry this on the wiki AFAICT. --stickster 22:32, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

Condensed GPL Compatibility Matrix

I found the GPL compatibility matrix hard to assimilate because of its width, largely the fault of the use of "only", "or later", and "OK if you convert to" text. I prepared a condensed version that uses the licenses' short names and states the resulting license in each cell without explanatory text. I also removed the footnotes since they add no essential information. Here it is:

Source Mode of use GPLv2 GPLv2+ GPLv3+ LGPLv2 LGPLv2+ LGPLv3+
GPLv2 copy or link (GPLv2) GPLv2 NO GPLv2 GPLv2 NO
GPLv2+ copy or link (GPLv2) (GPLv2+) (GPLv3+) GPLv2+ GPLv2+ GPLv3+
GPLv3+ copy or link NO GPLv3+ (GPLv3+) GPLv3+ GPLv3+ GPLv3+
LGPLv2 copy (GPLv2) (GPLv2+) (GPLv3+) (LGPLv2) LGPLv2 GPLv3+
LGPLv2+ copy (GPLv2) (GPLv2+) (GPLv3+) (LGPLv2) (LGPLv2+) (LGPLv3+)
LGPLv3+ copy NO GPLv3+ (GPLv3+) GPLv3+ LGPLv3+ (LGPLv3+)
LGPLv2 link (GPLv2) (GPLv2+) (GPLv3+) (LGPLv2) (LGPLv2+) (LGPLv3+)
LGPLv2+ link (GPLv2) (GPLv2+) (GPLv3+) (LGPLv2) (LGPLv2+) (LGPLv3+)
LGPLv3+ link NO (GPLv2+) (GPLv3+) (LGPLv2) (LGPLv2+) (LGPLv3+)

Please consider this for adoption after checking that I didn't make mistakes in the data! Notes:

  • I'm conflating Lesser GPL 2.1 and Library GPL 2.0 as in the Good Licenses list.
  • According to the original footnotes, LGPLv2 weakens to GPLv2+ and LGPLv3 weakens to GPLv3, in addition to the obvious weakenings of a set of versions to a subset thereof. I assume later LGPL versions would continue to weaken to the corresponding GPL versions so that LGPLv3+ weakens to GPLv3+.
  • The resulting-license data in the "copy" section is unchanged by swapping rows and columns, which makes sense, though the colors are not because they are based on the effect on the destination license.
  • The only thing I'm wondering about is the "NO" for linking GPLv2 against LGPLv3+ (which came from the FSF table); I don't see anything in the LGPLv3 text that would give this result.

Mattmccutchen 02:43, 29 October 2009 (UTC)