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Fedora LinuxTag Team 2009

The Fedora LinuxTag Team (FLTT) is responsible for organizing the participation during LinuxTag 2009 at Berlin. And it will take care for all open issues.

The team

in alphabetic order


  • LinuxTag 2009 Preparation Meeting at Rheinfelden/Germany, Saturday, February XXX (14.00 CET)
  • Second meeting like last year, 1 or better 2 month in front of the event

Mailing list

[[MailTo(Linuxtag-fedora AT fedora DOT rootfiles DOT net)]



Mailing list JensKuehnel tbd [[MailTo(Linuxtag-fedora AT fedora DOT rootfiles DOT net)]
Ask JensKuehnel for a subscription
1st meeting GeroldKassube September 2009
Social event FabianAffolter tbd check Social event for details


topic owner date status misc
Rooms GeroldKassube 2009-05-17 Warning.png
Meals all big topic
Traveling everybody by his own
Visa / Confirmation GeroldKassube who need? let me know by private mail


Setup FabianAffolter
Furniture GeroldKassube tbd
Layout GeroldKassube tbd
Name plates AndreasRau Warning.png same plates as last year
Banners JoergSimon tbd same as last year
Posters -
Clean up FabianAffolter

DVDs - Warning.png RH Marketing
T-Shirts - tbd
Stickers - tbd
Caps -
Flyers -
Posters - tbd


- tbd

Wiki, News & Press

Wiki FabianAffolter already in progress
Press - tbd -
News -