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{{admon/note | Note | for older method using livecd-tools ('''livecd-creator''') visit}}
{{admon/note | Note | for older method using livecd-tools ('''livecd-creator''') visit}}
{{admon/note | Note | If you simply want to burn a pre-made ISO to a disc, visit to download a LiveCD or LiveDVD, then see the [ install guide] or [ burning how-to] for further instructions.}}

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for older method using livecd-tools (livecd-creator) visit
If you simply want to burn a pre-made ISO to a disc, visit to download a LiveCD or LiveDVD, then see the install guide or burning how-to for further instructions.


  • Older posts
  • Examples in f24 root terminal:

Install files

  • livemedia-creator and ksflatten are part of lorax
# dnf install lorax virt-install libvirt-daemon-config-network

Last metadata expiration check: 2:48:39 ago on Sun Jun 19 14:06:08 2016.
Package lorax-23.21-1.fc23.x86_64 is already installed, skipping.
Package libvirt-daemon-config-network- is already installed, skipping.


Downloading Packages:
virt-install-1.3.2-2.fc23.noarch.rpm                                                                                                              219 kB/s |  92 kB     00:00    


  virt-install.noarch 1.3.2-2.fc23                                                                                                                                                
  • Must be done first:
You must be in the same fedora version (f24) first.
setenforce 0 


updated 06/28/2016
bash: ksflatten: command not found...
Install package 'pykickstart' to provide command 'ksflatten'? [N/y] y
  • Link:
alternately: git clone the repo and not get each piece manually
Kickstarts need to flattened before use:
hit raw tab and save-page-as to a local directory (/home/(user)/Downloads/pagure/)
  • switch root terminal to the local directory with the kickstart files (/home/(user)/Downloads/pagure/)
ksflatten -v, --config fedora-live-soas.ks -o flat-fedora-live-soas.ks --version F24
livemedia-creator --ks /home/(user)/Downloads/pagure/flat-fedora-live-soas.ks  --logfile /tmp/lmc-logs/livemedia-out.log --no-virt --resultdir /tmp/lmc --project Fedora-soas-Live --make-iso --volid Fedora-SoaS-flat-live --iso-only --iso-name Fedora-SoaS-flat-live.iso --releasever 24 --title Fedora-SoaS-flat-live --macboot

Make a remix

  • edit the bottom of the flat-fedora-live-soas.ks
that you produce with ksflatten (above)
in this section of the flattened.ks:


add a program (add name)
- delete a program ( put - in front)
put # in front of listed program to not install it

Build takes a long time wait for completion
ends with:
2016-05-17 16:16:16,110: Disk Image install successful
2016-05-17 16:16:16,110: working dir is /var/tmp/lmc-work-rilyz2bm
2016-05-17 16:27:38,448: Rebuilding initrds
2016-05-17 16:27:38,448: dracut args = ['--xz', '--add', 'livenet dmsquash-live convertfs pollcdrom qemu qemu-net', '--omit', 'plymouth', '--no-hostonly', '--debug', '--no-early-microcode']
2016-05-17 16:27:38,449: rebuilding boot/initramfs-4.5.3-300.fc24.x86_64.img
2016-05-17 16:29:15,724: Building boot.iso
2016-05-17 16:29:15,784: running x86.tmpl
2016-05-17 16:29:48,959: Disk image erased
2016-05-17 16:29:49,377: SUMMARY
2016-05-17 16:29:49,377: -------
2016-05-17 16:29:49,377: Logs are in /tmp/lmc-logs
2016-05-17 16:29:49,377: Results are in /tmp/lmc

Retrieve finished live.iso

"Results are in /tmp/lmc"

  • start files application
  • click on Files system
open temp folder
open lmc folder
  • click on the .....iso you just built

copy to (mouse right click) Home with files application

  • Check that it is in Home

Clean Up

delete the instance in /tmp
delete the /tmp directory (cannot run new build unless this is done?)
[root@localhost lmc]# 
[root@localhost lmc]# cd ..
[root@localhost tmp]# rm -r lmc
rm: descend into directory 'lmc'? y
rm: remove regular file 'lmc/Fedora-LUCwks-20160524.iso'? y
rm: remove directory 'lmc'? y
[root@localhost tmp]#