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This is a page which will be used for ideas and proposal for the Fedora Marketing Group.

New Stuffs

Old Stuffs

New Stuffs to market

The following items need a potential leader to push and bring forward concrete ideas. Any potential leader to push??

Potential High Level Priority

hardware-specific Linux distributions

I have discussed the following idea at the Linuxtag fair in Berlin, Germany with four distributors (or user groups) including your poeple and the feedback was very positive everywhere. I was asked to put the link to my concept onto this site: (German version) Summary: Providing a suitable tool shall allow your skilled users to create "1-click install configurations" for certain hardware configurations (which are sold in high amounts). Little effort, big (possible) advantage.


  • Getting wider exposure - magazines have to start loving us. Even if it means we edit the comps.xml and provide something suitable for them. DVDs are getting popular though, whee!