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This is a list of publications of interest that produce Linux-related stories. If you know of one that should be on this list, contact us at [[MailTo(press AT fedoraproject DOT org)] so we can add it.


Print Publications

Linux Format

Website:: Circulation:: ? Contacts:: Paul Hudson - [[MailTo(paul DOT hudson AT futurenet DOT co DOT uk)]

Linux Journal

Website:: Circulation:: 40k retail Contacts:: Jill Franklin - [[MailTo(jill AT linuxjournal DOT com)]

Linux Magazine

Website:: Circulation:: ? Contacts::
Joe Brockmeier -- [[MailTo(jbrockmeier AT linux DASH mag DOT com)]

Linux Pro Magazine (Linux Magazine outside USA)

Website:: (outside USA, Circulation:: ? Contacts:: Joe Casad - [[MailTo(edit AT linux DASH magazine DOT com)]

This magazine is the leader in many European markets.

Linux For You Magazine

Website:: Circulartion:: ? Contacts:: Rahul Chopra, Editor -- [[MailTo(rahul AT efyindia DOT com)]

Linux User and Developer

Website:: Circulation:: ? Contacts:: Maggie Meer - [[MailTo(maggie AT linuxuser DOT co DOT uk)]

Heise Media (iX, cT Magazines)

Website:: Circulation:: ? contacts:: Thorsten Leemhuis [[MailTo(thl AT ct DOT heise DOT de)]

Online Publications

Ars Technica

Website:: Contact::

Desktop Linux

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(desktoplinux AT ziffdavisenterprise DOT com)]


Website:: Contacts:: Ladislav Bodnar - [[MailTo(distro AT distrowatch DOT com)]


Website:: Corporate Headquarters:: InfoWorld Media Group
501 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94107 Contact::
Feedback - [[MailTo(feedback AT infoworld DOT com)]
Letters to the Editor - [[MailTo(letters AT infoworld DOT com)]

Linux +

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(karolina DOT lesinska AT lpmagazine DOT org)]

Linux Medical News

Website:: Contact::

Linux Today

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(marketing AT jupitermedia DOT com)]

Linux Weekly News

Website:: Contacts:: [[MailTo(lwn AT lwn DOT net)]

Linux World

Website:: Contacts:: Don Marti -- [[MailTo(dmarti AT linuxworld DOT com)]

NewsForge /

Websites:: Articles Submission:: Contact:: [[MailTo(editors AT linux DOT com)]

O3 Magazine

Website:: Contacts:: ?


Website:: Contact::
[[MailTo(osnews-crew AT osnews DOT com)]



Website:: Contacts:: ?


Website:: Contacts:: ?