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Some of the links below require Red Hat VPN access, including the [FIXME full meeting minutes & log].

Roll call

Mel has volunteered to own/run this meeting, since Max will just be getting back to Raleigh.


Quick updates from everyone (5m)

  • What you're doing this week
  • What you need help on this week

If you aren't in on time, slip your 2-line update in when you arrive.

Brainstorm for Harish

Dropping things (25m)

At our retreat in Arizona, we said we'd be cutting our work on three things. These were:

  • Textbook (Karsten)
  • POSSE alumni relations (Mel and Ryan)
  • TOS grant program (Mel)

I'd like to have a good outline for transition/phase-out plans for all three of these by the time our meeting ends, so we're going to sprint on that for 25 minutes. I set up a public etherpad document at for us to work in, and will email the contents of that document out to TOS when we're done.


  • TOSW
    • knowing communities
    • knowing how to influence them
  • CommArch's business value to Red Hat
  • Community consulting
    • knowing about communities (stats)
    • knowing what to do about them ("your next step should be...")
  • Fedora
    • Cloud
    • Unlocking international resources
    • Etherpad
  • Sales bootcamp
  • Media production
    • "the show" commarch clip
  • Education (see Mel's email update)
    • infrastructure
    • public-facing web presence
    • events
    • POSSE
    • osdc/edu