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| colspan="2" | * stickster is going to write some text on the wiki page for the in-depth feature:
| colspan="2" | * stickster is going to write some text on the wiki page for the in-depth feature: [[PackageKit_in_Fedora_11]]
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themayor_ alright lets get started either way 22:09
themayor_ im gonna give a quick overview of the stuff i posted yesterday and then we will get into the other stuff and other things we need to do for next week 22:09
-->| themayor ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:10
themayor sorry internet is goofy 22:11
themayor has been all day long 22:11
themayor alright, so as you can see by my post to marketing list, theres a fair amount of stuff going on this week and next week with regard to podcasts 22:11
themayor the goal is to release something every monday, tuesday and thursday, and the stuff that will go out those days is as noted 22:11
themayor you guys have all seen the posts right? 22:11
moixs yep 22:11
stickster yes 22:11
lcafiero yes 22:12
themayor okay, so for that, just please also post about it on your own blogs if you feel like you want to and help spread it out 22:13
themayor moixs: what happened with the mail to the ndn, mine got here fine 22:13
stickster themayor: Is there some plan for getting those posts out to news sites and so forth? 22:13
moixs themayor: It was delivered to everyone finally, everything is ok 22:13
themayor stickster: yes, the ndn 22:13
moixs stickster: yes, we did it 22:13
themayor which is up and runnin 22:13
moixs Just, some hours ago 22:14
stickster awesome 22:14
themayor i am still send it out to places, i did a load of places all day long 22:14
themayor so that being done, we have a few more things 22:14
-->| rharrison (n=rusharri@nat/cisco/x-8744892da1b2c70a) has joined #fedora-meeting 22:15
-->| mether (n=sundaram@ has joined #fedora-meeting 22:15
themayor first of all, whats the status of the screenshot tour, and screencasts 22:15
|<-- mether has left freenode (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)) 22:15
moixs herlo completed the sugar screenshots 22:15
themayor i know kushal is working on screencasts, hows the screenshot tour doing? 22:15
moixs but we still need a fingerprint screenshot 22:15
themayor wasnt he supposed to do it too? 22:15
moixs I need to triage some of the sugar screens, we have too many right now 22:15
* herlo is here 22:16
moixs Yes, herlo is also responsible for it 22:16
-->| tkjacobsen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:16
themayor hey man 22:16
themayor herlo: any idea when you can finish up the screenshot stuff? 22:16
themayor did you ever manage to get it working? 22:17
stickster themayor: What's the page those are on? 22:17
herlo the fingerprint thing? 22:17
moixs stickster: Fedora_11_Screenshot_Tour 22:17
herlo yeah, I have it working, but I can't seem to get a screenshot.. I'll have to actually set it up in my vm 22:17
|<-- JSchmitt has left freenode (Remote closed the connection) 22:18
herlo probably can do that today 22:18
-->| mep ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:18
themayor okay, do you think that would be possible by the end of the week? 22:18
herlo ya 22:18
themayor okay great, want to make sure that is done, so i can start including in later news announcement 22:18
|<-- tkjacobsen has left freenode (Success) 22:18
themayor stickster: any idea when the release announcement will be done? 22:18
|<-- mep has left freenode (Client Quit) 22:19
themayor also more importantly, is there anything else that we should be doing in your opinion as an auxiliary to all this? 22:19
themayor wheel are churning, i want to make sure we arent missing anythin 22:19
moixs What we could use is a plymouth video 22:19
moixs From a fast boot 22:20
moixs We had that for F10 22:20
herlo Is the new plymouth in place? 22:20
moixs stickster: will it remain spinfinity finally? 22:20
herlo I can try to do that today too... 22:20
themayor plymouth is in place 22:20
herlo if it's stable... 22:20
themayor yes 22:21
moixs There was a discussion on the art list 22:21
stickster It will be the charge-up plugin 22:21
|<-- tkjacobsen_ has left freenode (Remote closed the connection) 22:21
moixs ok 22:21
themayor stickster: what do you mean? 22:21
moixs Is it already installable? 22:21
stickster moixs: Yes -- there's a bugzilla, let me see if I can find it for you 22:22
* herlo can probably find it 22:22
moixs We nee dit to create "final" screenshots and videos 22:22
ianweller marketing meeting? 22:22
herlo yup 22:23
ianweller woo 22:23
themayor yup 22:23
stickster moixs: I think someone on artwork list had done a screenshot for the release banner, too -- maybe that would help 22:24
themayor other than that, stickster, whats going on with the one page flyer slick? hows that going? need help? 22:25
stickster themayor: It's almost done, the USB keys are in Dallas and going out by end of week. 22:25
themayor ah okay caroline is in westford 22:25
stickster yes, but she'll be back there in a day or two. 22:26
themayor do you think you will have time to have a call sometime tomorrow to coordinate stuff? 22:26
themayor also, can you give a quick run down of what you guys spoke about on friday? 22:26
stickster themayor: Yes, just send around a suggested time 22:26
stickster themayor: Regarding release announcement -- I recall from the last meeting that you were going to coordinate with Docs, so if you need help with that, let me know. 22:26
themayor okay, i sent caroline an email asking for a time, when she responds, i will let you know 22:26
moixs What is there so fantastic in Westford? Is it a RH office? 22:26
themayor yes 22:26
themayor its the "boston" office 22:27
moixs ahh, ok :p 22:27
stickster moixs: It's where most of Red Hat's engineering component is located 22:27
stickster Caroline and I spoke on Friday about two things -- one was the release announcement 22:27
|<-- mdomsch has left freenode ("Leaving") 22:27
moixs (Caroline?) 22:27
stickster She just needed some information about what kind of content goes into the release announcement. 22:27
stickster Caroline Kazmierski is a Red Hat employee who does a lot of public relations work as part of our corporate marketing team 22:28
-->| SMParrish ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:28
stickster She's assigned, among other things, with Fedora as one of the projects under her wing 22:28
-->| jnettlet ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:28
moixs fantastic, now I know what you are talking about ;) 22:28
stickster So she helps us out by finding opportunities with the lay press, large outlets like ZDNet, CNet, and so forth -- making opportunities for us through setting up interviews and following up on Red Hat's press releases. 22:29
moixs Ok, I like her :D 22:29
=-= tatica is now known as tatica-out 22:30
themayor okay, awesome, what was the second topic 22:30
|<-- themayor_ has left freenode (Connection timed out) 22:30
stickster Obviously she's more than fully assigned inside Red Hat so she doesn't always have the chance to interface directly with us on the list, for example 22:31
stickster But I've been investigating some ways that we might be able to get some additional firepower from Red Hat to help with the NDN work 22:31
|<-- lcafiero has left freenode (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) 22:31
moixs Now I also like you 22:32
stickster hahaha 22:32
stickster Nothing concrete yet -- so it might not happen for the F11 release, but we definitely would like to do something interesting with F12 22:32
stickster I'll let people know details as soon as I have some to report 22:32
themayor yes, its just a lead, it might not lead to anything, but if it does it will be great 22:33
moixs We have a good infrastructure in theory, it's just not very efficient right now :/ 22:33
themayor well its the first time, i dont think we can expect anything really 22:34
moixs sure 22:34
themayor all we can do is get manpower to say okay we will try from now, and work from there 22:34
moixs After the release, it will be time to renew the NDN crew as planned 22:34
moixs Some people clearly need to be changed :/ 22:34
|<-- bo09 has left freenode ("Leaving") 22:35
themayor moixs: yes, but please let me know if there are issues so we can find someone to fill in 22:35
-->| tkjacobsen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:35
moixs The biggest problem is feedback, but we can wait after the release to address that 22:36
themayor okay 22:36
themayor lets divide up the tasks that we have so far, so that we can make sure everyone is on the same page 22:37
* themayor has the news releases and podcasts, ndn work, coordinating everything else 22:37
themayor herlo: what do you got? 22:37
themayor plymouth and screenshot stuff, right? 22:37
herlo themayor: yep 22:38
themayor moixs: youre just going to be coordinating the ndn stuff, right? 22:38
moixs yes, I'm in low work mode :D 22:38
moixs All my tasks are done otherwise 22:38
themayor okay anyone else want to contribute anything to the marketing push? 22:39
herlo so I have one last q 22:39
themayor yes 22:39
herlo what is the name of the official plymouth plugin then? 22:39
herlo stickster: ?? 22:39
stickster Charge 22:40
themayor charge 22:40
herlo k, I'll look for that 22:40
herlo tx 22:40
stickster herlo: Sorry, I owe you a bug 22:40
stickster 22:40
buggbot Bug 499643: medium, low, ---, rstrode, VERIFIED, Plymouth should have new splash for F11 22:40
herlo stickster: tx 22:40
stickster herlo: No problem, sorry about delay. 22:40
moixs herlo: can you also update the plymouth screenshot then? 22:41
herlo sure 22:41
herlo I'll include the screencast and the screenshots :) 22:41
themayor awesomne 22:42
|<-- danielsmw has left freenode ("Lost terminal") 22:42
stickster themayor: I just produced a PK podcast, when is that due on the schedule? 22:43
themayor i think its the first one next week right? let me check one sec 22:43
|<-- sdziallas has left freenode ("Ex-Chat") 22:43
|<-- tkjacobsen_ has left freenode (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)) 22:43
-->| Sonar_Guy (n=Who@fedora/sonarguy) has joined #fedora-meeting 22:43
* stickster is going to write some text on the wiki page for the in-depth feature: PackageKit_in_Fedora_11 22:44
themayor oh no sorry 22:44
themayor the draft of it is due tomorrow 22:44
stickster Then I'll post that and send the URL to the mailing list 22:44
stickster OK 22:44
-->| fbijlsma ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:44
themayor and it is slated to go up on thursday 22:44
themayor sorry, confused it with spot 22:44
|<-- Sonar_Guy has left freenode (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) 22:44
stickster I have another one due on Moksha, but I thought I saw something about Fedora Community 22:44
stickster Are those the same thing? Different? I have Moksha on my plate but am not sure which is which 22:45
themayor yes same thing 22:45
themayor moksha is the codename for fedora community 22:46
themayor i think that one is the last one because thats a pretty big thing 22:46
stickster No, they're not the same thing 22:46
themayor im not neccesarily doing it that way, but i figured save a big bang for last 22:46
spot well, they're connected 22:46
|<-- Pikachu_2014 has left freenode ("Quitte") 22:46
stickster Moksha is the framework that's being used for FC and for some other sites like Civx 22:46
themayor yes 22:46
-->| lcafiero ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:47
stickster Can we get these aligned so that the FC podcast talks about FC and I can still fit in my stuff with Luke specifically on Moksha? 22:47
stickster Or should we just smoosh them together and call it a day? 22:47
themayor we can do two if you want 22:48
themayor actually make them one and we can call it Moksha and Fedora Community 22:48
themayor did you do audio on that yet? 22:48
stickster No, I'm just waiting for a time from Luke though. 22:49
themayor okay so do you want to smosh them together and talk about both moksha and fedora community then? and we can call it a day? 22:49
-->| Pikachu_2014 ( has joined #fedora-meeting 22:50
stickster themayor: Yeah, I'd say, let's concentrate on the story with the FC stuff together 22:51
stickster themayor: I can always work on a more in-depth Moksha exploration post-F11 22:51
themayor okay awesome 22:51
stickster But if you could post the raw audio so I could hear it and make some suggestions on editing, that would be good 22:51
stickster My podcast went from about 28 -> 17 minutes when I edited it 22:52
themayor okay sure 22:52
themayor ill post up my other stuff to fedora people soon 22:52
themayor also, what do you want to do for tomorrow, do you want to send the draft to the list, or do you want to send it to me and ill send to the list. and then who posts to the planet, etc? 22:53
stickster I'm going to write it on the wiki right after we finish here. 22:53
stickster Then I'm going to post the page URL reminder to the list 22:53
stickster Then once I get some feedback (or radio silence) I'm going to do a blog post tomorrow by 10am Eastern. 22:54
stickster Whoops 22:54
stickster Not tomorrow 22:54
stickster Thursday. 22:54
themayor well dont release it tomorrow 22:54
themayor thursday 22:54
themayor yeah exactly 22:54
stickster I'm already drafting that wiki text. 22:54
themayor alright, coordinate with me on the blog post so that i can also post something on planet pointing to it and start spreading it around 22:55
|<-- ldimaggi_ has left freenode ("Leaving") 22:56
themayor also everyone else, moixs, herlo, lcafiero, etc, please try and post something at least once this week about fedora 11 and point to the feature list, the podcasts, screenshots, etc 22:56
stickster I'll post to the list with the post so you can digg, etc., 22:56
stickster et al. 22:56
moixs themayor: np 22:56
herlo k 22:56
themayor awesome 22:57
themayor alright, im gonna go send sparks an email and see whats going on 22:57
themayor does anyone think we should do anything else in the run up or have comments on anything for now? 22:57
lcafiero will do, themayor 22:57
lcafiero (to posting) 22:57
* Sparks is here... 22:57
-->| Sonar_Guy (n=Who@fedora/sonarguy) has joined #fedora-meeting 22:58
themayor alright sparks, i sent you a pm, everyone else, i guess thats a wrap 22:58
themayor moixs: are you good for the log? 22:59
|<-- petreu has left freenode ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )") 22:59
moixs themayor: I'm fine :) 22:59
themayor awesojme 22:59
themayor alright, thats a wrap 22:59