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|[[User:Ianweller|Ian Weller]]||Wiki syntax and templating||-
|[[User:Ianweller|Ian Weller]]||Wiki syntax and templating||-
|[[user:lashar | Mostafa Daneshvar]]|| Translation (Software, Docs, Wiki) Persian and Balochi||-

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Fedora Mentors

The Fedora Mentors program allows new Fedora contributors to work together with seasoned developers, authors, translators, testers, and other experienced contributors. If you aren't looking to contribute to Fedora, but are simply seeking help, you might want to look to our other resources to get help .

If you haven't yet chosen how you would like to contribute, you should check the Join page for ideas. Alternatively, you can talk to a mentor to see where your skills can be put to the best use.

Finding a Mentor

Some quick tips for finding the right mentor for you:

  1. Do some homework. Please spend some time looking around the wiki before you ask for help. The more homework you do, the happier your mentor will be to work with you.
  2. Choose a mentor with the right expertise. All of the mentors list their areas of knowledge. If you're not sure what you need help with, any mentor should be able to lead you in the right direction.
  3. Choose a mentor who is available when you need them. There are Fedora Mentors all over the globe to help you, and they all post their general hours of availability -- but you won't get any help if the mentor you choose is asleep.
  4. Ask for help on IRC. If you need immediate help, you can usually find a mentor in #fedora-mentors on freenode .

Learn more about the mentoring process.

Rave Reviews

If a mentor helps you, it's extremely important to let other people know it. The best way to do that is by offering a rave review.

If you'd like to rave about a mentor, please send a quick note to rave-review at fedoraproject dot org, telling us who the mentor was, and how they helped you. The Mentors team will then update the wiki with your rave review.


Clicking a mentor's name will bring up their personal wiki page, which should contain the necessary contact information and a bit about that person, which may help you decide if they are the right mentor for you.


Name Expertise Rave Reviews
AurelienBompard Packaging, Processes -
ChristopherAillon Packaging, Processes -
TomCallaway Packaging, Processes -
ChitleshGoorah Packaging, Processes -

Documentation & Translation

Name Expertise Rave Reviews
KarstenWade Documentation, FLOSS contributing -
PaulWFrields How to get started with Docs, using DocBook XML with Emacs, how to write better -
RahulSundaram Documentation -
RunaBhattacharjee Translation -
BartCouvreur Translation (Software, Docs, Wiki) -
TommyReynolds Toolchain esoterica -
DimitrisGlezos Documentation, translation, wiki/websites -
FabianAffolter Translation (Software, Wiki), especially for German contributors -
Ian Weller Wiki syntax and templating -
Mostafa Daneshvar Translation (Software, Docs, Wiki) Persian and Balochi -

Bug Triage

Name Expertise Rave Reviews
RahulSundaram Bug Triaging -
MairinDuffy Bug Triaging -


Name Expertise Rave Reviews
AlexMaier All things marketing, branding, copy writing, event organization -
PatrickBarnes Getting started with Marketing and Distribution, event organization -
RahulSundaram Marketing -


Find your Regional Mentor here at Join Ambassadors

Name Expertise Rave Reviews
ThomasChung Fedora Events, Fedora Wiki -
ChitleshGoorah Ambassador assistance, Fedora Wiki -
JoergSimon Fedora Ambassadors Membership Service,event organization, Ambassador assistance, producing high quality SWAG -
FabianAffolter Fedora Ambassadors Membership Service, Fedora Events, Wiki -
Armel Kermorvant Ambassador assistance, Hardware Compatibility Support -


Name Expertise Rave Reviews
MairinDuffy Help with icon/web/print design, GIMP/Inkscape/sodipodi usage, advice & idea bouncing :), design critiques -

Desktop and Interface Design

Name Expertise Rave Reviews
MairinDuffy UI design critique & advice for application or web page developers -
SatishMohan Usability / User Experience -
SankarshanMukhopadhyay Testing -
DamienDurand Usability / User Experience / Testing -

Mentors Program

Name Expertise Rave Reviews
MarcWiriadisastra Getting started as a mentor, taking advantage of the Mentors Program -
PatrickBarnes Getting started as a mentor, taking advantage of the Mentors Program -

On the Wiki

Name Expertise Rave Reviews
PatrickBarnes Writing wiki pages, the Fedora wiki, what to work on -
DamienDurand Writing wiki pages, the Fedora wiki, what to work on -
ChitleshGoorah Writing wiki pages, the Fedora wiki, what to work on -
FabianAffolter Writing wiki pages, the Fedora wiki, what to work on -
Ian Weller Wiki syntax and templating -

Volunteer to be a Mentor

Interested in volunteering to be a mentor? Check out the NewMentors page.


Mailing List

Please join the Fedora mentors mailing list .

Once you have joined this list, you may get in contact with mentors here. Much of the help that the mentors provide is also reported here.


You can find #fedora-mentors on .


The Fedora Mentors meet every other Sunday @ 16:00 UTC in IRC, in #fedora-meeting on Freenode. Please come and join us to help provide a better mentoring experience for our up and coming contributors.

Our meeting information, next meeting, archives, etc., is available on our Mentors Meetings page.

Logs of our meetings can be found in the Archive