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#REDIRECT [[User:Mdehaan]]
= Michael DeHaan =
* Email: [[MailTo(mdehaan AT redhat DOT com)] 
* Home page:
* A few open source projects I've been involved with:
* [ Cobbler & koan]  -- A network boot server for installing systems via PXE, reinstalling existing systems, and fully automatic provisioning of virtual machines (Xen, KVM/QEMU).  A new Live CD allows for PXE-like installs without the need of a PXE server.  There are lots of options/features, so check out the web site for the latest info.  See also #cobbler on
* [ Func]  -- Securely command a large number of machines at once.  Pluggable. Scriptable.  Very Shiny.
* [ EKG] -- a community activity scanner for open source projects
* [ Virt-Factory]  -- Project/framework determining new ways to manage a very large number of virtual machines/appliances.  This project was essentially a prototype for [ ovirt] and is not in development.
* [ Cimbiote]  -- CIM Providers In Python.  Not currently in development.

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