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Here's a list of tasks which need to be done regarding the Fedora MinGW toolchain. Help is appreciated with any of these tasks. Feel free to contact us on the mailing list or on IRC for more details

Global toolchain related tasks toolchain

  • Merge boost changes from the mingw-w64 testing repo back to the fedora mingw32-boost package
  • Add forward-compatibility macros to make packages using the mingw-w64 based guidelines work on older Fedora releases

mingw-w64 packaging

  • None yet

Adding mingw-w64 to Fedora

  • Get legal issues settled
  • Review package mingw-headers
  • Review pacakge mingw-crt
  • Review package mingw-binutils
  • Review package mingw-gcc

Package specific tasks


  • Add support for an implemenation of cairo-ft which can load the freetype and fontconfig dependencies on demand


  • Get patches upstreamed