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Objective: Deliver Fedora Atomic Host via CI/CD


We aim to deliver Atomic Host in Fedora via Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

A contintuous integration pipeline builds and composes Fedora Atomic Host artifacts exactly as they will be delivered and used (eg: in QCow2 and OSTree formats), and runs integration tests on it in that form.

Continuous integration will gate changes to packages. It will prevent a broken package change, as defined by integration tests, from affecting other developer's and/or testers of Fedora. The package maintainer will be able to change the tests on which their package is gated.

Continuous delivery will deliver the artifacts composed during integration step above to users of Fedora Atomic Host. It allows, but does not mandate constant or frequent delivery of changes to the Fedora mirrors. During delivery we will gate a broken combination of changes, or otherwise unacceptable set of changes (due to policy, schedule, etc.) from reaching users.

More Details

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The contents of Fedora Atomic Host should be consistent with previous releases.

Special Interest Group

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Objective Lead

Stef Walter


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Fedora Atomic 27

Describe Plan B around Atomic Host.

By Flock in September (also of this year), ...