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On the day of the meeting

  1. Have a copy of the agenda open (in email or otherwise to cut and paste from).
  2. Paste the following into IRC (#fedora-meeting-1)
    #startmeeting fpc
    #meetingname fpc
    #topic Roll Call
  3. ping FPC members about the meeting and chair them as they say they're available:
    abadger1999 geppetto limburgher mbooth orionp racor Rathann SmootherFr0gZ spot tibbs|w tomspur: FPC ping
    #chair REPLY
  4. See who is present. For quorum we need to have five members. Three or more members can sometimes have productive meetings to discuss drafts and come up with questions for tickets and even partial voting (with the remainder of votes to come in tickets). You have to have a rough feeling for the state of the tickets to know if this will be worthwhile.
  5. For each agenda item, paste the #topic line and the link to the fpc ticket. Note that the zodbot doesn't have a command for fpc tickets so .fpc NNN won't do anything.
    #topic #NNN - Summary
    • It's good to stick close to the order of items in the agenda so people reading the agenda can know whether their issue is likely to come up, however, you may want to deviate if an item is important (example: necessary for a Fedora Change or blocking a FESCo decision) or if the submitter of a ticket is present at the meeting.
    • Also -- if we have many tickets, meetings tend to last for two hours but not everyone can stay that long. try to put important business into the first hour.
  6. When you get close to two hours or do not have enough members to hold a good discussion about tickets it's time to end the meeting.
  7. Do an open floor in case someone has something to bring up.
    #topic Open Floor
  8. End the meeting
  9. Summarize all discussions in the fpc tickets

After the meeting