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Revision as of 09:34, 27 November 2013 by Twaugh (talk | contribs) (How to list state directories in the package manifest?)

It should be noted that the manpage should be read carefully if what is intended to do is anything more than just creating top-level directories in /var/run or /var/lock. For instance, pki-ca-9.0.5-1.fc15.noarch, pki-kra-9.0.2-1.fc15.noarch, and pki-ocsp-9.0.1-1.fc15.noarch (at least) do something in the line (example from pki-ca):

D /var/lock/pki 0755 root root -
D /var/lock/pki/ca 0755 root root -
D /var/run/pki 0755 root root -
D /var/run/pki/ca 0755 root root -

As each of the three specify cleaning out the /var/run/pki directory, the result probably won't be what is expected...

--Vonbrand 16:22, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

I wasn't clear whether directories specified in tmpfiles.d conf files ought to be packaged in the manifest as normal, with %ghost, or not at all. Note that if they are not packaged as normal, the %tmpfiles_create macro needs to be used in %post in order for the directory to be present between package installation and the next reboot.