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  • Bricolage - Content Management System (CPAN: Bundle::Bricolage)
    • Needs work to make it play nice with Apache2/mod_perl2.
  • Alzabo - Data modelling tool (also in CPAN)
  • IMC - Idealx Management Console
    • All dependencies should already be in Fedora.
    • StevenPritchard has put some work into this already.
  • RPC-XML - An implementation of XML-RPC
  • SpeedyCGI - Fast CGI execution by reusing the same perl interpreter.
  • LWP::Simple - needed for tiles@home from Openstreetmap
    • This modules is already provided by the perl-libwww-perl package
  • Net::Amazon::S3 - ikiwiki dependency
  • Crypt::DES - Perl DES encryption module
  • Geo::IPfree - Look up country of IP Address. This module make this off-line and the DB of IPs is free & small.
  • Mail::DKIM - Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures
  • Net::Daemon - Perl extension for portable daemons
  • PlRPC - A bundle to install PlRPC-Server, Client and prerequisites.
  • Gtk2::ImageView - Needed for the version of gscan2pdf currently in testing; also requires an upgrade to gtkimageview package. I have specfiles & SRPMs for these set up already. -- J. Randall Owens
  • cpan:ChartChart — needed by Bugzilla for charts.