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For a list of planned Fedora 19 test days, see below. To propose a test day topic, see QA/Test_Days/Create.

Test days typically fall on Thursdays - this is to help make it be a regular event that people can calendar into their schedules. However, alternate days are available - Tuesdays. Please use the schedule below to avoid conflicts.

Date Event Trac Ticket
See F19 Schedule and Features
2013-01-15 Fedora 18 Release
Planning & Development Begins
2013-01-29 Feature Submission Deadline
2013-03-12 Feature Freeze - Planning & Development Ends
Branch Fedora 19 from Rawhide - Branch Freeze
2013-03-14 KDE 4.10 fedora-qa ticket#340
2013-03-21 GNOME 3.8 fedora-qa ticket#339
2013-03-28 System Certificates fedora-qa ticket#355
2013-04-02 Software String Freeze
Alpha Change Deadline
2013-04-02 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2013-04-04 Printing fedora-qa ticket#351
2013-04-09 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2013-04-11 Translation (l10n) fedora-qa ticket#345
2013-04-16 Alpha Release
2013-04-17 Power Management fedora-qa ticket#342
2013-04-18 FreeIPA fedora-qa ticket#353
2013-04-23 X Test Week (intel) fedora-qa ticket#341
2013-04-24 X Test Week (nouveau) fedora-qa ticket#341
2013-04-25 X Test Week (radeon) fedora-qa ticket#341
2013-04-30 MariaDB fedora-qa ticket#360
2013-05-02 Localization (i18n) fedora-qa ticket#344
2013-05-07 Beta Change Deadline
Features 100% Complete
2013-05-07 ABRT (Automated Bug Reporting Tool) fedora-qa ticket#364
2013-05-09 SSSD Improve and AD Integration fedora-qa ticket#352
2013-05-16 Network Manager fedora-qa ticket#338
2013-05-21 Beta Release
2013-05-21 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2013-05-23 Thermostat fedora-qa ticket#354
2013-05-28 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2013-05-30 Virtualization fedora-qa ticket#346
2013-06-06 FreeIPA Two Factor Authentication fedora-qa ticket#362
2013-06-10 Final Change Deadline
2013-06-13 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2013-06-20 Open slot Create fedora-qa ticket
2013-06-25 Fedora 19 Final Release