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This test case tests the functionality of the ABRT feature.

How to test

  1. Go to: Applications->System Tools and click on "Automatic Bug Reporting Tool"
  2. The main ABRT's window should start and you should see the list of previously detected crashes (if some occurred)
  3. Select some crash (single click)
    • The information about the crash should appear in the bottom part of the window
    • If it's a desktop application, the icon should be visible, otherwise gtk-icon-missing is shown
    • Try to use the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the crash details and paste it to some editor
    • If you delete all the crashes, the part showing the details show disappear and buttons "Delete", "Copy to CP" and "Report" should be disabled
    • If you have display resolution smaller than 600x700 the gui should shrink and both details and crash list should be scrollable

Expected Results

  1. all of the above should work...
  2. gui should be localized (not just the stock items, but some translations are not completed yet)
  3. window should have a proper icon (the red siren)