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This case tests upgrading from the current stable release (Fedora 34) to the development release (Fedora 35) while create a new bootloader configuration.

How to test

  1. Perform a default installation of the previous release (e.g. Fedora 34)
  2. Boot the current release (e.g. Fedora 35) using any available means (boot.iso, PXE, CD or DVD)
  3. Select appropriate language and keyboard, then select Upgrade an existing installation
  4. Select "Create new boot loader configuration" to update
  5. After upgrade finished, reboot the system
  6. Login upgraded system, open a terminal, file browser, or other system applications

Expected Results

  1. The system should be upgraded to new version without error
  2. The system can boot into new version fedora without error
  3. The opened terminal, file browser, or other system applications should display and work correctly