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Create, start, and delete snapshots with virt-manager.

This is for the F20 feature: virt-manager snapshots


Functioning virt host and VM. All VM OS welcome.

How to test

  • Start with a shutoff VM in virt-manager
  • Open the VM console/details. Click the snapshot icon in the toolbar.
    • If the snapshot icon is desensitized, hover over the icon and check the tooltip. If you followed the test day instructions and created a new VM, it should be automatically set up to allow snapshoting.
  • While the VM is turned off, take a snapshot.
  • Start the VM. Log into the desktop.
  • Take a new snapshot, snapshot2
  • Open an application window in the VM, for example firefox.
  • Take another snapshot, snapshot3
  • Run snapshot 2, verify that when it is loaded, there's no application running on the VM desktop.
  • Run snapshot 1, verify that the VM is not shutoff.
  • Run snapshot 3, verify that the expected application is running the VM.
  • Shutdown the VM and delete all the created snapshots.

Expected Results

No obvious errors occur.