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Install a Fedora guest from an install tree URL using virt-install or virt-manager.


Nothing beyond initial test day setup.

How to test


  1. Run virt-manager (should autoconnect to qemu)
  2. Launch the 'New VM' wizard
  3. Enter any name, choose network install option
  4. Enter a URL for the latest fedora test release. F17 Alpha looks like:
  5. Note: due to an [bug], you'll need to add some extra info here. Under URL Options -> Kernel Options, add this:
  1. Press enter when the URL field is active: virt-manager should auto detect the URL as a recent fedora distro
  2. Proceed with through the wizard, using the default suggested values.
  3. Start the install, and perform the install as you would on a normal machine.


An example virt-install invocation looks like

 $> virt-install --name fedoratestday --ram 1024 \
        --disk path=/var/lib/libvirt/images/f17alpha.img,size=10 \
        --location \
        --extra-args "root=live:"

Typically the extra-args would not be required, except for the bug mentioned in the virt-manager example.

Expected Results

Guest installations start and perform without any issues. Guest is bootable after install completes.