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Perform VM lifecycle operations in virt-manager.


An initial VM is required. There should be instructions linked from the test day page.

How to test

  1. Start the VM.
  2. Pause/suspend the VM. Verify it appears to actually pause. NOTE: latest virt-manager doesn't make the console gray or disabled as it used to in the past. Cole Robinson said on IRC this was difficult to get right.
  3. Unpause/resume the VM.
  4. Save the VM. It should appear to shut off.
  5. Restore the saved VM.
  6. Force poweroff the VM.


  1. With a shut off VM, select the 'clone' option.
  2. Select the default options and perform the clone.
  3. Start the VM, and verify it starts correctly.
  4. Shut off the VM.
  5. Select the 'delete' option, Select 'Delete associated storage files', click OK

Expected Results

No obvious errors encountered.