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This test case checks whether an initial setup utility works as intended after Fedora installation.


Install the Fedora release you wish to test, in graphical mode, with the desired package set (different package sets may include different initial setup utilities). Do not create a user account during the installation.

How to test

  1. Boot the installed system, and observe whether an initial setup utility runs
  2. Observe any artwork and release identification in the initial setup utility. Note whether it specifies a version number and/or a pre-release phase (Alpha or Beta, for instance), and if it does, if it is the correct version number and/or phase for the Fedora release or pre-release you are testing. Check whether any artwork included is in fact the correct, current artwork proposed by the design team for the release under test
  3. If a utility does run, complete the process. At least create one user account. You may choose to test any other functions offered by the initial setup process
  4. After completing the initial setup process, test whether you can log in successfully with the user account you created
  5. If no initial setup utility ran, check whether you can log in as root to whatever login screen you are presented with

Expected Results

  1. In most cases - including all release-blocking desktop package sets - an initial setup utility should run after installation if no user account was created during installation, and at least offer user account creation. Minimal or text-only installs may not include one
  2. You should be able to complete the user creation process of the initial setup utility with apparent success
  3. The user creation process should actually create a working user account with which you can log in to the system
  4. Other functions of initial-setup, if tested, should complete without errors, crashes or freezes, and should achieve the results they claim
  5. Any artwork or release identification present in an initial setup utility should include the correct Fedora release number, with the exception that if you are testing a Beta or earlier release, a reference to the pre-release phase but no release number is acceptable
  6. Any artwork included in post-beta builds must be part of the artwork proposed by the design team for the release in question. 'Placeholder' artwork is acceptable for Beta and earlier builds