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This test case tests the multiple desktop functionality in Hybrid gpu machines where no video outputs are connected to the Discrete gpu, so it is purely an accelerator / co-processor with XORG


  1. Download Fedora 25 Beta or latest nightly

How to test

  1. Update all packages to the latest version: "sudo dnf update"
  2. Reboot, log into a "GNOME on Xorg" session
  3. Run glxgears on the Primary GPU: glxgears -info | grep REND
  4. Run glxgears on the Secondary GPU: GPU DRI_PRIME=1 glxgears -info | grep REND

Expected Results

  1. glxgears should properly show the animated gears in both cases
  2. The GL_RENDERER string should be different between the 2 runs, matching the 2 different GPUs used
  3. Everything in X11 should run alright.