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SAML login/logout testing.


  1. For testing purposes, a machine (or VM) with 1GB of RAM and 4 GB of free disk space for binaries, data and logs should be plenty to set up and run an IPA master.
  2. Make sure /etc/hosts is sane and your hostname does not appear in either the IPv4 or IPv6 localhost lines.
  3. If you have an existing AD server in your network, choose a different name for the IPA server realm name. Clients that use DNS autodiscovery to find the KDC to use may get confused and try to authenticate to the AD KDC. It is recommended that FreeIPA and AD serves different domains, for example and

How to test

Verify the basics

Forms-based login

Ensure you have no Kerberos credentials:

# kdestroy -A

Bring up your Firefox window and select admin->Logout if you are still logged into the IDP.

Go the protected site you just created on the SP,

You should be prompted with a form login.

User the user that was created during the IPA installation, ttest.

Once you've authenticated you should see a success page and a Logout link. This is a known issue, you should be redirected back to the SP, so let's go there manually. Go back to

You should get the welcome page.

Click Logout

Go back to the SP page, and you should be redirected for login again.

Kerberos-based login

Now we will try login using Kerberos authentication.

Go to a shell and run:

kinit ttest

Go to (or hit reload)

You may see a quick redirect to the IDP, then a return to the SP, and the welcome page displayed. If so then success!

Click Logout

If you click login again it should once again quickly redirect to the IDP and drop you back on the SP.

Expected Results

All the test steps should end with the specified results.