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# no obvious misrendering (flickering mostly)
# no obvious misrendering (flickering mostly)

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Checking that your card and software can render extremeTuxRacer. You must be using a card supported by the Radeon video driver.

How to test

  1. Ensure the 'nomodeset' kernel parameter is not enabled in your bootloader configuration (unless you need it for basic X operation to succeed)
  2. Ensure that
    glxinfo | grep 'OpenGL renderer'
    does not return:
    OpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer
  3. Install the extremetuxracer package: yum -y install extremetuxracer
  4. Launch etracer from a terminal.
  5. Edit the game settings (Configuration => {Video, Graphics}).
  6. Launch a practice session (Ski Jump is short, Path of Daggers entertaining). Look closely at the screen.
  7. Quit extremetuxracer.

Expected Results

  1. no crash.
  2. no obvious misrendering (flickering mostly)